Monday, February 2, 2009

Updates to RssPlayer - Version 1.2

I have been working hard to improve RssPlayer. Here are some screenshots of what I have managed to code so far. You can pickup a test version at You are going to need a jailbroken iPhone.

Also, version 1.1 has been submitted over a week ago and still has not been approved so I am not sure what's going on but I hope it wont take that long to get each update into the App Store.

UPDATE: 1 minute after I wrote this, I got a response from Apple regarding my app. Seems that they found a few minor issues that they want resolved before approval so I guess i'll be submitting 1.2 sooner then later. Probably tomorrow night if all goes well during the day.


  1. I'm looking forward to 1.2 as it seems to add a lot of the polishing I thing this app needs. At the moment, I'm still using iTunes but it looks like RSSPlayer is 'getting there' fast.

    The one thing that concerns me is the deletion of all older podcasts on the download cycle.

  2. Looks good!

    I echo the previous comment, hopefully the app won't download unlistened to podcasts...

    Only bugs I have had so far with 1.0 are
    (a) RSSPlayer thinking an enhanced AAC was a video
    (b) One audio podcast kept "skipping back" around 30-60secs every couple of minutes.

    PS, left you a 5* review on iTunes - thanks for a great app!

  3. Sorry,when I said "download" I meant "delete"

  4. update looks really fantastic, any word on when apple will look at it again?

  5. Hello,

    I like the "download x-items".... however, the limitation of five items is not on-par with my needs.

    one-half of my feeds issues daily audio that are four items, for each day. They are three hour audio shows, plus one short video clip.

    With a limitation of 5, I couldn't even get two days worth of feeds. That would really suck, as some days I just cannot listen and than listen to two on the next day.

    So, please, pick a number higher than five (5) items.