Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Podcaster now available in App Store

Podcaster 3 has been approved for sale in the App Store. Some of the most exiting features include background playback and iPod remote integration. Check it out today http://bit.ly/podcasterapp

We plan to put out frequent updates so be ready for that.  We already have a small update to push so expect that in about a week. 

For support, email us support at podcaster dot fm or report problems to http://getsatisfaction.com/rssplayer

Push notifications are currently turned off. We will get them on in the next few weeks. 

Follow us on twitter.com/@iphonepodcaster to get up to the minute news and promo code announcements. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Podcaster, new iteration of RSS Player, available June, 2010 with iOS 4.0

We are podcast fans. We want to download them as soon as they are published.  We want to listen to them everywhere we travel. We don't always have access to a computer.  That is why we created RSS Player for iPhone OS 2 in 2008. In December 2009, we released RSS Player 2 for iPhone OS 3.0.   RSS Player has remained in the Top 20 paid apps in it's category since then. It is a one of a kind product in the app store and has remained a daily used app by it's users.

Now we would like to introduce Podcaster for iOS 4.0.

Podcaster has improved tremendously over it's predecessor. Some of the more exciting features include background playback, iPod remote integration, faster refreshing and more accurate downloading and resuming.

Podcaster will be available with the released of iOS 4.0 in June, 2010 for $0.99.

Podcaster is an entirely new app built form the ground up. It has a new architecture, new database structure and new directory structure.  Upgrading users from RSS Player 2 would not be practical.  We ask everyone to please purchase Podcaster to replace RSS Player 2. We are sure you will be satisfied.

RSS Player does not work on iOS 4.0.  We ask you to please backup your podcast list before upgrading to iOS 4.0. With the release of Podcaster, RSS Player 2 will not be available in the app store.