Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Podcaster now available in App Store

Podcaster 3 has been approved for sale in the App Store. Some of the most exiting features include background playback and iPod remote integration. Check it out today http://bit.ly/podcasterapp

We plan to put out frequent updates so be ready for that.  We already have a small update to push so expect that in about a week. 

For support, email us support at podcaster dot fm or report problems to http://getsatisfaction.com/rssplayer

Push notifications are currently turned off. We will get them on in the next few weeks. 

Follow us on twitter.com/@iphonepodcaster to get up to the minute news and promo code announcements. 


  1. Is it possible to download more than 5 podcasts

    I have set it to autodownload up to 10 but it is still only see the previous 5

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  3. One question: This appears to be a new app. Will I need to import my podcast list from the old version of RSS Player or will it pick it up automatically?

  4. I can't get the new podcaster to download .... It says download started but never dies anything

  5. This app is actually working great for me. Good work on polishing the issues. I had a little trouble downloading the first time, but ever since the initial bump is has been working great.

    Two things:
    * Is there a way to mark unlistened.
    * I miss the jump 30s forward. It was great for commercials. :)

  6. - Install Podcaster (french iPhone 4)
    - Go to Directory
    - Search by Title
    - Type "écran" (the accent does matter)
    => Podcaster will crash, and refuse to reopen even after reboot. The only solution is to remove and reinstall! Does it every single time.

  7. Bug report

    Hardware: iPod Touch 32gb
    iOs version: 4.0 (8A293)
    Podcaster version: whatever's the latest right now
    User interface set to English in case that matters.

    Steps to reproduce:
    Install podcaster,
    Import an OPML list from a URL
    Go to 'Settings'
    Tap either 'First Refresh' or 'Second Refresh'
    The app crashes at this point

  8. Is it possible to make this backward compatible with iOs version 3.0?

  9. Having some issues getting this stupid app to update feeds properly. Thinks newest feeds are from six months ago - really not too happy with the fact that I dealt with all the crashes on the old app, paid to upgrade to the new one, and now this one sucks worse. Would love to find an alternative to this - actually looking at iTunes again, considering how awful this thing is.

  10. Have the same issue as Pierre on an iPhone 3G. My search was on "p3 dokumentär"

  11. Is anyone else having a problem where the app forgets its place on the current podcast. I'll stop a podcast and walk away for a few hours, and then when I come back and reopen the app, it restarts from the beginning!

  12. A few bugs/notes about v3.0:
    - I miss the +10, +30, +60 jump ahead/back
    - It loses its place in a podcast if you close and reopen the app
    - Downloads go over the size of the podcast being downloaded and then end up getting deleted. Example, this morning I was downloading the latest Keith and The Girl and it downloaded 117% before it errored and deleted the download. Had to download all over again.
    - Play button click zone is way to close to the seek bar and pressing pause can cause you to jump ahead or back in your current listening.
    - No image resize for any images contained in show notes.

    I'll let you know if I find more.

    Like the new app, resuming from a pause is really fast now. Look forward to getting updates

  13. @larstomas actually it seems to do it with any accent, I just crash it again with "ciné" (damn auto correction, I knew the accent will make it crash)

    I enter a bug report there : http://getsatisfaction.com/rssplayer/topics/systematic_crash_when_searching_for_podcast_with_accent
    Maybe you could add your testimony, I'm affraid most users doesn't use accents :(

  14. Thanks for the quick update. It works great and so glad to have it!