Monday, November 2, 2009

UPDATE: RSS player 2.0 App Store Status

I wanted to update everyone on the progress we have made trying to get RSS Player 2.0 into the app store. As of November 1, 2009, we are still waiting for Apple to approve the app. We have sent several emails to the app store review team to ask them to prioritize the approval but we have not seen them take any action. The problem with the original submission seems to be a bad code signing. It might have happened when Apple published the app to the app store. It's a very strange and uncommon bug and we are certain this wont happen again. We are hoping that Apple will approve the app soon. We will update you again when we know more.

UPDATE: 11/11/2009
We have received an email from the app review department at Apple. They have rejected the app due to an image of the iPhone that appeared on the Default splash screen. As you know, RSS Player's load screen features about 30 to 40 small images of podcasts covers and Apple didn't like 'The iPhone Spotlight' podcast image. We modified the image immediately and resubmitted the app. Now the ball is in Apples court again. The lesson to take away for all devs is don't put a picture of the iPhone anywhere in your app.