Friday, June 18, 2010

Podcaster, new iteration of RSS Player, available June, 2010 with iOS 4.0

We are podcast fans. We want to download them as soon as they are published.  We want to listen to them everywhere we travel. We don't always have access to a computer.  That is why we created RSS Player for iPhone OS 2 in 2008. In December 2009, we released RSS Player 2 for iPhone OS 3.0.   RSS Player has remained in the Top 20 paid apps in it's category since then. It is a one of a kind product in the app store and has remained a daily used app by it's users.

Now we would like to introduce Podcaster for iOS 4.0.

Podcaster has improved tremendously over it's predecessor. Some of the more exciting features include background playback, iPod remote integration, faster refreshing and more accurate downloading and resuming.

Podcaster will be available with the released of iOS 4.0 in June, 2010 for $0.99.

Podcaster is an entirely new app built form the ground up. It has a new architecture, new database structure and new directory structure.  Upgrading users from RSS Player 2 would not be practical.  We ask everyone to please purchase Podcaster to replace RSS Player 2. We are sure you will be satisfied.

RSS Player does not work on iOS 4.0.  We ask you to please backup your podcast list before upgrading to iOS 4.0. With the release of Podcaster, RSS Player 2 will not be available in the app store. 


  1. Hi

    I have purchased additional push notifications for RSS Player 2. Will these transfer across or will I need to repurchase please?

  2. What about leaving it in the AppStore for iPhone 2G and iPod touch 1G users?

  3. Roger, We will try to figure out a way to keep your push notifications. Even if we have to make 25 the default.

    TextNow, that's a good idea but it might get confusing.

  4. Has it been tested on the iPhone 3G? The 3G's limited amout of RAM could lead to crashes you wouldn't see if tested only on 3GS and iphone 4.

  5. John F, We did most of the major development on iPhone 3g. You wont get multitasking but the app will work as long as the iPhone 3g runs iOS 4.0

  6. I'll buy the new version. Having my podcasts sync'd is worth .99. Do you forsee legal/approval troubles with a name like Podcaster?

  7. I upgraded to 4.0 the day after wwdc and lost Rss Players 2.x I hope Apple gets this out fast. Having to use iTunes after using Rss Player for so long feels like I've gone back to the stone age.

  8. No. Do not want.

    I've bought RSSPlayer, I suffer its many inadequacies in return for mediocre performance which is sadly unsurpassed in the App Store. And you now
    expect us to pay for an upgrade?

    Not a snowball's chance in hell mate. If RSSPlayer worked
    well, then maybe. But it doesn't, and I have too little confidence in any successor.

  9. I'll be downloading the new client when it's available. Just give us the word when it is. :)

  10. This is rich. You wrote a piss poor app, and to fix it you write another app, then want us to pay again? Not bloody likely. I find it hard to believe you can't figure out an upgrade path, more likely you want to get paid twice. Least you could be honest about it.

  11. Sounds great - but why only 99c ? Your app is second to none. Those who seek this functionality are willing (indeed happy) to pay more. I think $3.99 would be a fair price. You have developed great software and you deserve to be duly rewarded.

  12. As far as I'm aware this is the only half decent Podcast downloader / player available and with the addition of multitasking it will be well worth the extra money.

    That said, the old app is buggy - It can crash on me 3 or 4 times a day - for instance, switching from one favorite to another then trying to mark a podcast as played crashes every time. Slower downloads tend to wind up with the podcast repeated at random points and it does tend to freeze.

    There is something a bit dodgy about dumping the old app which we did pay for, then asking for more money and effectively leaving you with the choice of paying or not using the app. If I decide I want Windows 7 I have to pay for the upgrade, but even M$ don't suddenly make my copy of XP stop working and they still issue bug fixes for XP.

    I will buy this, but if there was another app available, I'd be looking at that instead.

  13. First app was crap. But it is unfortunately the only app in the AppStore with it's (buggy) feature set. Sadly, I'll probably pay for the newer version.. but really wish there was an alternative, or some confidence that the un-usability of the first version was resolved.

  14. This app is awesome! Can't wait till the new release! Will it be out on 6/21 when 4.0 is released?

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  16. I have the old version and I would like to upgrade as soon as possible. Has the app been approved yet? will it be in the market on Monday when the update is released?

  17. I'm excited. This along with Rdio/Dropbox/ActiveSync working with iOS 4 will allow me to basically un-tether my iPod Touch (Gen 3) from ever syncing with iTunes again. Now if I could just get auto app updates. I'd love to be able to schedule checks for that and let them run overnight while charging or something like that. Oh well.

  18. I second some of the comments on here - what sort of way is this to reward customers who've put up with the frankly shoddy performance of RSS Player since it came out? Shit even the most recent version is still buggy as hell.

    So basically, you wrote a mess of an app, then decide to ask us to pay you again for one that may or may not be better? Nice one.

  19. The whiners can go jump in a lake. Feel free to use the other RSS downloaders/players. What's that you say? There aren't any others? I know RSS Player has had problems. It crashes for me too. But it's only a buck, and it works reasonably well most of the time. Having it makes my digital life much better. I would gladly pay again if it will support the developers so they will make it run in the background and maybe crash less.

  20. There are other options for podcast apps. Search on the app store for podcatcher or podfisher. These apps are more expensive, but at I am also mad at being ripped off. I haven't decided if I should stay with podcaster or try the alternatives

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  22. Does it support m4a podcasts? I will definitely download if it does.

  23. I don't mind paying for a major update, but please please please do thorough testing so that the new version is not as bug-laden as previous versions.

  24. I saw someone in the comments say we are leaving RSS Player 2 broken and that's simply not true. We already posted a fix and it's awaiting approval. RSS Player 2 will work on iOS 4.

  25. This is absolute crap. I bought your P.O.S. app 2 months ago and it is buggy beyond belief, now you aren't even providing a free upgrade path to an OS that has been available to developers for months?

    Almost every other major app in the App Store is providing iOS 4 compatible apps (Pandora is including both background playback and iPod remote integration for free). Forget about adding any new features, how about supporting the basic functionality of a product on a platform that the overwhelming majority of your users will now be using.

    You won't be getting my money again.

  26. I am glad a new version is coming out and don't mind paying for it. I use it every day so another dollar isn't any skin off my back. Some issues that I have that I hope are resolved

    1) When you get about 50 episodes for a particular podcast something weird seems to happen. It detects that there are new episodes but never seems to download them. On the favorites screen it shows "X new podcasts" but on the downloads screen nothing ever downloads. This happened to me about 2 months ago as well and I had to clear out all my podcasts and start from scratch. Just started happening again today.

    2) The Adam Carrolla podcast started showing up as a movie instead of music. This happened two months ago for about a month, then resolved itself for a couple weeks and now started happening again. I am sure it has something to do with the way they post it, but when I look at the files on my computer they are plain old mp3. I really wouldn't care one way or another but movies don't automatically resume in the same place and the fast forward and rewind keys don't do the skip feature so it's a real pain.

    3) I hope the crashing with the new version is better. Really this isn't such a big problem though for me. It will usually crash right away if its going to so I just click the button again.

  27. Almerica, you say this:

    "RSS Player does not work on iOS 4.0. We ask you to please backup your podcast list before upgrading to iOS 4.0. With the release of Podcaster, RSS Player 2 will not be available in the app store."

    And you said that Podcaster has already been submitted for approval.

    And then you commented:

    "I saw someone in the comments say we are leaving RSS Player 2 broken and that's simply not true. We already posted a fix and it's awaiting approval. RSS Player 2 will work on iOS 4."

    It seems like conflicting information. Can you elaborate more? How can we upgrade if rss player is no longer in the app store? Maybe I don't understand the process.

  28. I do not see the new version in the app store. when is it availabel to downlaod

  29. ejphoto365, We took RSS player 2 out from the app store until it get's approved with the iOS 4 fix in place. Then we will leave it in the store for probably a few weeks so anyone that wants to stay with RSS player can upgrade. Podcaster 3 is still coming when Apple approves it and will remain in the store.

  30. I accidentally deleted my rss 2 player
    how do I get it back ?
    do you have an estimate when rss 3 will be available ? How much will it cost and does it have nay new features ?

  31. Well I intentionally deleted my version to fix my problem I stated earlier where it stops downloading all podcast after 50 unplayed episodes in one podcast. After restoring from my itunes install it immediately crashes on start up.

    Any advice how to get it to work? I tried deleting again and restoring and it didn't help.

  32. As Almerica said, we are waiting on Apple to approve both RSS Player 2 with the fix for iOS4.0 and also approve RSS Player 3 for iOS4.0.

    I need the fixed RSS Player 2 to be able to back up my podcast list before install RSS Player 3.

  33. Will the new rss player 3 work with iPhone os 3.1.3? I use backgrounder with my jail broken iPhone 3g and plays rss player in the background great. Rss player is my most used app keep up the good work.

  34. Andres Deambrosi: Yes, RSS Player 2 was compiled for iOS 3.0 and up

  35. Bought your app after reading all the promises that the bugs were being worked on and would be addressed quickly. They never were fixed. Now we see why: you've been planning to sell the fixed version separately under a new name.

    Well, I'm very disgusted to learn that the improved version we've all been waiting for is going to be released as an entirely separate app for yet another cash grab. I don't care what the price is; it's an insult to those of us who have been patient and had faith in your work.

  36. I really like your app and have not had any trouble with it on iOS 3.x, but now as I upgraded it feel like qutting an addictive substance... Do you have any prospects about when the podcaster or the update to rss player will enter the appstore?

  37. You still did not answer my question ? If I deleted RSS player (old version) trying to re-install it and fix the problem but it was not backed up to itunes so now I lost the app.
    My question.

    1) Will I have to pay to get the old app back ? I also bought the push for additional $.99 will I have to pay for this again when you finally put the pathces version back in the app store.
    2) I think the new version should be free to the users that have paid already especislly since we can not use the old version now either.

    How do I get the old app back ?
    when will the new pathced version be back ?
    Are you going to force me to pay again for the patched version ?
    Please help I do not have old version or pathced version or new version now.
    I am dead in the water.

  38. Not happy at the way you guys have approached this, not one bit. You're holding a gun to our heads and essentially *forcing* an upgrade. The choice you're presenting your customers with is basically: "Pay to receive what you were getting for free a few days ago, or lose the functionality that you paid for." Nice work guys.

    I understand you need to earn a living and that $0.99 is hardly a premium asking price, but why not take the time to position this in a more thoughtful and considered way to your customer?

    Thanks (genuinely) for a useful app, which I enjoyed a lot. I won't be upgrading to Podcaster.

  39. loooul.... nobody's holding A GUN to anybody's head.

  40. Maybe his comments aren't the clearest, but if you have already paid for RSS Player 2 you will get an update for free when it is approved. This update will fix the problems with iOS 4. He removed RSS Player 2 from the app store so people wouldn't unknowingly buy a broken app on iOS 4.

    If you want to upgrade to Podcaster then you will get the additional background playing features and new enhancements.

    However, I wish Almerica would give us a little more information about when he submitted them to get approved, so we would have a better idea as to when they will show up in the market.

  41. It would also be nice if we can be informed by e-mail or some other way once the fixed rss palyer 2 is back in the app store. Will the push purchases we made show up in rss 2 when we downlaod it again with the ios patch ?
    I am will to pay $.99 for rss 3 but not willing to pay 1.99 if we have to re-buy the push.
    I agree a littel more information from almerica would be welcome.

  42. Well, the best developers have in the past let their users know when a new version of their app is available and made it free for a very short time so their current users can upgrade.
    You could have also provided the new version as a free update. That wouldn't be complicated. What is complicated is claiming that there will also be a fix to the old disappeared version and expecting us to believe that it will be kept up to date and will be totally reliable.
    As already pointed out, there ARE other podcast apps that look pretty good, and I hope they go on sale when Podcaster comes out. It sure sucks when an app you paid for and use every day tries to take advantage of you.

  43. maybe we should point out some of teh alternatives so everyone can pick the best choice.
    this way almerica can do right for those that have already purchased

  44. I've received quite a few updates this week from devs implemeting iOS 4 features in their apps.
    Not one has charged for it. Nor have they charged for increased performance + stability fixes.

    If you're going to charge $1, there had better be more than this.

  45. Yes please do. I didn't know there were any other apps that could download podcasts.

  46. I tried podfisher and podcatcher yesterday. Both of them seems fine on paper, but both lacks OPML-import and it seems for both of them that I have to manually select each file for download. And that takes to much time/clicks for me to botter with. I must admit I dont actually recall what was wrong with podcatcher, but it went down the garbage bin, and I think it was for the same reason as podfisher.

    Yes, I am a goldfish ;)

  47. Noe I remember what was wrong with the catcher, I had to entre the adresses manually, no searchoption and no OPML-support. It is ok to search for 22 feeds manually as I did with fisher, but to entre them

  48. Once you get Safari pointed to the rss source, you can copy/paste the address. I'm willing to put up with a little pain setting up my feeds as long as they download and play without a hitch. I was also surprised at how many newer options are available when I was looking for podcast apps.

    TI, right on. Nobody is charging for an upgrade to added OS4 functionality. Fixing existing unreliabilities in addition doesn't make an app worth repurchasing. If everyone says, "Oh, it's just .99," then Podcaster just turns a big profit and will continue to screw you.

    Christian, thanx for your thoughts on those 2 other apps. I would prefer a more complicated setup if it means getting all my podcasts in que. When RSS Player had their last big update, lots of my podcasts weren't accessible anymore.

    (I would be listening to podcasts right now)

  49. It is amazing that no one has come to replicating rss players functionality completely.I tried a couple other podcast apps and after using rssplayer they don't compare. Right now i am unwilling to go to ios 4 on my 3G so I need rss player 2 back please.

  50. I've been using Mediafly this week. The UI is kind of all over the place and way overdone. But it handles downloading, refreshes quickly, also has a desktop web interface and it's free. The more I get used to it, the more I like it.

  51. I have used media fly and my beef with it is that it is heavy on the iPhone crashes ever so often and even though it has this pre loader function which I assume is for off line listening it it does work. I have disconnected from any network and tried to listen to stuff and media fly didn't like it. Media fly does have a great web interface for setting up my podcasts.

  52. Nice to see an ios4 version coming out but you are taking the mickey asking us to pay for a completely new version especially considering I bought v2 3 weeks ago. is fulfilling my gap at the monent till your apps get approved but please don't shaft us for supporting you or at least offer half price update. $1 isn't much but there is a principle here.

  53. People are amazing in their flames. We are talking about 99 CENTS. You guys have all spent more time complaining than you could earn 99 cents even if you work at McDonalds.

    Seriously let's stop and think about this, we all use this app ALL THE TIME. Yes it has it's share of quirks and bugs but it is unique and amazing in what it can do. I use it all the time myself, more than any other 3rd party app.

    Developers making great apps like Alex has should get paid for their work. Most people don't work a job for free, he shouldn't either.

    Alex, I see that the RSS Player iOS 4 update is now posted in the App store. Do you know when we can expect the release of podcaster? I hope it is soon. I will quickly buy this app. I can't wait for background audio and multi-tasking while listening to my podcasts.

    I have upgraded to an iPhone 4 and am coming from a jailbroken iPhone 3G. The Backgrounder solution worked but I'm looking forward to not jailbreaking this time and background audio is essential to me.

    Keep up the great work Alex and ignore people who will complain about 99 cents.

  54. Thanks for the rss player ios 4 fix! Anxiously awaiting podcaster. Got a status?

  55. @Ethan
    Writing software is about more than just putting code into an editor and then selling it to willing buyers. It involves design, code, testing, and most importantly maintaining that code.

    The reason people are so upset with the developers of RSS Player is because they only did 1/4 of the work (just enough to get paid). After using the product for a day, its obvious that they did not write the code with a design, nor did they test it at all. Otherwise it wouldn't be as buggy as it currently is. Furthermore, by selling the supposedly non-buggy version of the software for an additional fee clearly shows they also neglect to maintain the buggy software originally released.

    They are not providing the users a properly working podcast player as was promised when they put the money down to buy it in the App Store.

    I am not saying software doesn't have bugs, all software has bugs. However, when not at least attempting to fix known bugs, you fail to demonstrate a good reliable piece of code, or even company for that matter.

    TL;DR: If you hire a plumber to come fix your leaky sink and he leaves with the leak gone, but you later notice a constant drip. He isn't supposed to charge you to come back and fix it again the next day.

  56. I understand testing and maintenance of software us necessary and this app is far from perfect. I have ha my share of random crashes. I have wanted more from the app for a long time.
    But I paid 99 cents not $9.99 for the app. So come on really. I've bought apps for much more than 99 cents that also never got updates at all or infrequently.

    There is no other app that does what RSS Player does. It has gotten better in the time ive had it (well over a year).

    For 99 cents I'm willing to say please jeep working on the app and updating it so I can use it. I don't think the developer is getting rich on this. But I'd rather have an update for 99 cens with a new feature I want than no nw feature. The features are changing. Thus is just like paying 99 cents for push notification. Some apps charge extra for this feature. This developer included a number in free.

    I just want background audio absent care if I have to pay 99 cents. Already more time spent on this than 99 cents for me.

    Everyone is entitled to his/ her own opinion of course.

  57. Just bought the new version, go to add, find "This American Life", add the stream, crash, go back in, crash.

    I had high hopes for this update, I can understand charging for a new version, I can't understand charging for one that still has crashes and bugs.

  58. Sheesh, I just bought the new version and it's still buggy as hell. After I search for a podcast and subscribe to it, the app crashes after I tap the back button. After I load the app again, I can go back.
    I love this app, and would have been willing to pay even more for it, but I'm in agreement with others. More testing needs to be done and you guys need to be quicker with fixing bugs.


  59. Just curious those that say their app is crashing what version of the app and what firmware (iPhone os). I used to have crashes when it first came out but the app ( rss player 2) on 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 has been very stable to the point I run it with backgrounder on a jail broken iPhone and it is stable.
    I wonder if we can provide the developer specific info so they can go back and debug better.

  60. I cannot add new podcasts via URL link to an opml file ( If you are going top push these through your own server ("Frisky"), then you better figure out a way to keep "Frisky" up and running. This and pay a second time for essentially the same functionality?

  61. Well it seems Almerica is full of shit.

    I just bought Podcaster, despite my reservations and annoyance at having to pay at all, but background audio was enough to convince me to ignore that. I wish I hadn't.

    Podcaster is somehow even BUGGIER than RSSPlayer was. As soon as I added a podcast by title, it crashed. I tried to change the (still) obtuse Settings - it crashed again, and every time I try to change them. Downloads still 'complete' then don't show up anywhere in the app.

    I can't believe I paid for this mess - how is this an acceptable state to put an app out in? Clearly NO testing whatsoever was done or these issues would've been apparent. Oh and there's no push notifications in this version either, so if you paid for those before you're shit out of luck.

    I'll be asking Apple for a refund, because this app doesn't deserve a cent in it's current state. Almerica should know better by now to have put it out like this.

  62. Just bought podcaster. No problems for me so far. The ability to multitask with this app is what I SORELY NEEDED and this DOES IT! This was the main reason why i was a jailbreaker. THANK YOU!

  63. I'm in the UK and can't find the RSS Player 2 update in the UK store.

    I'm not sure if it's autoupdated but I'm using version 2.1.2 on a 3GS running ios4.

    What version is the latest RSS player 2?


  64. OK - I'm satisfied with this.

    Whe the RSS Player 2 update for IOS4 came out I downloaded it and installed - a few days later I bought V3.

    For me the background playing is well worth 59p. There are a few bugs - no offense - but in this respect there is no huge change to the old app. They are mildly irritating, but not deal breakers - especially given that there are no other apps with this functionality.

    I previously felt that the intention of Almerica was to simply dump users of the old client (I dont know if that was his original intention and he relented under pressure, or if it was simply poorly communicated.) This did annoy me - I know kids with ipods, 59p is a big deal for them - especially if you don't have a credit card and you need to buy a gift card of a higher denomination in order to buy the app. As far as I'm concerned though he's made good on this, so no complaints.

    Can I suggest that the old app be left available indefinitely? Just change the text to "please don't buy this - only left for users to update - new version has multitasking + X + Y" or similar. A lot of people dont update their apps too frequently so it would be good for them. It's great customer service and to be blunt - it gets you two entries in the App Store....