Saturday, February 14, 2009

App Store Search Manipulation

It has come to my attention that certain developers are continuing to stoop to dirty tricks to get there apps to appear higher in search results in the app store.  Specifically, tacking on other, more popular app names on the end of the app description. Because Apple uses the text in the description to search, the unworthy app now come up for search terms that have nothing to do with it.  The worst offenders even enter app names that are not even in the same category and in no way related. The app names they choose usually come from the top 100 list. I am all for SEO but behavior like this is beyong the pale and should be dealt with quickly by Apple.  How long can this go on for? What is preventing me from putting all 100 app names in my description and bam,  Rss Player comes up for the term monkey ball or iSteam or Koi Pond. As I see it, the developers are misleading Apple and iPhone owners and shaming there own name in the process. Do you think it's wrong to act like this? If yes, what can be done to stop it? 


  1. Hello,

    I bought RSS Player the first day it was available. I have since updated it to the latest version. I still am having a problem. Whenever I try to play downloaded content it just exits RSS player completely. I can only play content that is streaming. FYI, I have a jailbroken iphone. I have mobilecast loaded from the Cydia app installer. Because RSS player is not working for me I am still having to use Mobilecast. Could that be causing the problem? thanks Jeff

  2. Jeff, anyway you can forward the problematic feed to me? Or try the newest build of Rss Player I fixed several feeds that did not work in the past.

  3. I will try the new version. If that does not work, I will contact you. thanks. Jeff