Sunday, February 15, 2009

Adding a button to your netcast so that it opens Rss Player and imports

As a netcaster, you want as much exposure as possible on as many netcast client as possible. I'm going to describe in detail how to add a button to your feed that will import directly into Rss Player as well as give some examples.

Here are some example (You need Rss Player installed in order for anything to happen)

Subscribe to Buzz Out Loud

Subscribe to the 404

When a user clicks on the link above on there iPhone, Rss Player automatically opens and imports the feed.

Here is an example of the html required to make this button.

Subscribe to Buzz Out Loud

You can copy this code and simply change the feed url to be your own and that's it. Give the code to your web guy and he can put it into your site.

Don't let a listener pass you by, if they use Rss Player and see you have a link to import, they will subscribe to your feed.

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