Monday, March 23, 2009

RSS Player on Facebook

Today, we started a facebook groups. If you are a frequent user of facebook, then check out our facebook groups page It's full of tips, news, helps files and discussions.


  1. This comment is for the iPhone app.

    We really, desperately need a better explanation of how to delete podcasts that are in your Queue, how to delete podcasts that are in your Agenda, and how to do the "mark as read" function you describe in the release notes for the latest version.

    When I swipe a podcast in my Agenda, the only button that pops up is "Delete". I press delete and nothing at all happens.

    Same for podcasts in my Queue.

    How the heck do you clean up the items in your Agenda and get rid of some ones you'll never have time to listen to and they're getting old?

  2. how do I delete podcasts?