Tuesday, March 10, 2009

RSS Player 1.3 update almost ready

I have made several small and several large improvements to RSS Player 1.3. First, the app will now pause if you unplug the headphones so please stop asking me to do this :-). Secondly, we have improved the show notes browser to make it larger and more friendly.

Finally, we made a way to share with friend using twitter or email. You tweet gets posted to your twitter feed along with a url to a more detailed iphone friendly web page that will allow anyone to enjoy the feed you are sharing.

There are still several small issues so I want to fix those before I push the update. I will try my best to finish by tomorrow.

If you want to try RSS Player 1.3 Build 1, then here is a link (Link good for 2 days)


  1. Please, post it one more day. :(


  2. Hey Almerica,

    I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to ask if you submitted the RSS Player 1.3 to AppStore? Thanks.


  3. Apparently it just was, but where's the Twitter support?