Monday, December 14, 2009

RSS Player 2.1.1 now available in app store

We just received word from Apple app review HQ that RSS Player update 2.1.1 is approved for sale in the app store. As always, iTunes takes a while to refresh so everyone will start to see this update over the next few days.

We made 2 main improvements to the app. The first has to do with what happens when you get a new episode alert. When you open the app immediately after you get an alert, the app will refresh only the podcast from the alert. Previously, all podcasts would be refreshed. The second has to do with the way the app connects to remote servers, we did not pass a user agent string. This caused a lot of servers to deny our requests. We are now passing the standard iPhone safari string.

The next improvement we are planning to make is reworking our crawler to try to be more memory friendly. This will fix a lot of random crashes some users have been reporting and also improve refresh time and app stability in general.

You can get the app today and tomorrow for a sale price of .99 cents. Tell your friends and remember to leave update your rating and review each time a new update comes out.


  1. Hi,
    I suggest you a new killer feature, accept RSS feeds from YouTube users.

    So you can have your YouTube subscriptions directly in podcaster.

  2. I’ve not yet bought your player yet because you don’t list either of the 2 features I’d REALLY like to have. If you can add either or both to your player, you’d be worshiped by podiobook listeners everywhere.
    1. Offer the option to stop playing after a single podcast. (lots of us go to sleep listening to podcasts and iTunes plays until it runs out of material or battery power.)
    2. Offer the ability to play the list in reverse order. (iTunes plays all the PodioBooks and the Librivox books in reverse order: Chapter 10 followed by chapter 9 followed by chapter 8… and so on. I’d like to not have to stop and fix the chapter while driving down the road.)

    These ideas are free for you or anyone else to use – and I encourage you to do so. Thanks!!!

  3. This is brilliant, apart from the fact that I have to restart the application if I receive a call whilst listening to a podcast.

    If this can be changed to work like the ipod does, then that would be perfect.

  4. Gavin, unfortunately, it's up to Apple to allow app multitasking, which would make it possible for the iPhone to return to RSS Player once a call is complete. Someday, this will happen without jailbreaking.

    As to the app itself, I absolutely LOVE it. I bought RSS Player when it was in version 1, but removed it from my iPhone because the app crashed often. That hasn't been the case with the current version (2.1.1 as of this comment), and it now gives me another piece of freedom from wires. Heck, I can download new podcasts while driving and listening to an already downloaded episode!

    I've written a glowing review of RSS Player on my website at

  5. Shelly, you do know the iPhone has a sleep timer, right? (it's in the clock application) - you can tell you phone to go to sleep after a length of time of your choosing.
    Unfortunately, a bug in RSSPlayer means it ignores it, but hopefully this can be fixed in a future version.
    Also, RSSPlayer let's you sort your playlist in either ascending or descending date order, so you can have new est first or oldest first, your choice.

  6. A lot better than the built in Pocast app but still room for improvement.

    Agree with Shellys comments. Also I listen to podcasts in bed so I often fall asleep listening! I've found using the 'clock/Timer/Sleep iPod' does NOT shut down RSS Player unlike every other app on my iTouch.

  7. Bug report: "mark as unread" any podcast action crashes the app. 2.1.1, iphone 3G