Thursday, December 3, 2009

RSS Player 2.0 Live in the App Store

As of November 25, 2009, the brand new and improved RSS Player 2.0 has been excepted into the app store. The app will sell for $2.99. We are really excited about the new release as it brings push notification of new podcast episodes. It comes with the ability to set alerts for up to 5 podcasts. An option to purchase 20 more alert slots is available in the app.

Over the next few weeks, we will be submitting bug fix update so if you experience a problem, please first re-install the app and then report the problem to our support system.

You can purchase RSS Player in the iTunes App Store today. Please remember to rate the app in iTunes.

As always, we have promo codes to give away to bloggers and reviewers so please email us for that at promo at rssplayerapp dot com


  1. Suggested feature - create ability to fast forward by a custom amount of seconds (say the length of commercials from some podcasts).

  2. Typo:
    ... RSS Player 2.0 has been excepted into the app...
    ... RSS Player 2.0 has been 'accepted' into the app...


  3. is there any way to go back to the last version? it was way more useful with the download 10 option and also I think it crashed less

    please help

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  5. Hi,
    I'm using your RSSPlayer whenever I can't do the stuff over iTunes on the phone. It could have been such a great app, but it's such a big crap. I was waiting for the new version, hoping that you gonna solve at least some of the crucial bugs, but I have a feeling it's even worse.

    So... Here is the list of annoyances:
    1. Unpredictable subset of the episodes instead of all of them.
    I click on one of my favourites, it shows details, refreshes them and... 3 episodes from today, 1 from yesterday and 5 from two days ago, while it should be around 8-9 from each day.
    2. Several download requests until it finally appears on the download list.
    I click on an episode, [...], download file, nothing happens. Ok, second try - it works.
    3. kB and MB conversion sucks. What's that? 1.1019 MB meaning 1MB and 1019kB? I have never seen such a conversion - or you show it in MB or in kB. It is visible when downloading a file.
    4. Playlist are just one big mystery. Downloaded 3 files. I go to All Unplayed. I can see a lot of files I've never downloaded and somewhere between them the downloaded ones. Not all of them. No way to show all of them.
    5. Crashes crashes crashes...
    6. User interface is much better now, but go to Favorites, how to add a new position? hmm... Edit? No... click on the last empty entry? No...

    You can say what do I expect for 2.39 euro? Right, but still, I would expect the application to work. Thanks for your work, but please think about solving the bugs.

  6. I really like the concept of a pod cast player that isn't tied to iTunes.

    I really like the background downloading, though it would be nice if Apple would allow it when you have moved on to another app, like they do with the iTunes store, but that isn't the developer's fault.

    I also like the choice of options for managing episodes.

    There are a few things that are somewhat of a show stopper for me.

    The first and most important is there is no sync options to a server that would keep track of what podcasts feeds I subscribe to, and what episodes I have remaining, and where in those episodes I stopped listening. What I would really like to see is a 2 way sync with something like CastRoller so that I could listen at my desktop as well as my iPhone, or if I were to switch between a Touch and iPhone.

    There are also a few controls that I've really gotten use to useing from the standard iPod Podcast app. The 2x play and the 30 sec rewind forward. RSS Player could leapfrog here, by offering fast forward and rewind. Another thing that I think would be pretty cool would be the option to change the fast forward and rewind increment value. I had something like this with a Pocket Tunes skin back on my old Palm TX.

    The last thing is that the built in iPod Podcast player allows me to pause, play, change volume and skip forward and backwards by double clicking when my iPhone or iPod Touch is locked.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. I would like to see the app have an option of not deleting the podcast after you have played it. I use a Ipod Touch so I'm not always connected to internet with it and I prefer to download the podcasts to the unit instead of streaming them. I would like the option of leaving the already played podcasts for a certain time period or until a certain number of newer podcast were avaiable. Also it is a pain to find older podcasts. i would like to be able to sort by the oldest podcast in a series in case you wanted to start from the begining. other than that i like the product.