Monday, August 23, 2010

Podcaster 3.4 available in app store

The new update to Podcaster is now available. It brings several UI improvements and a lot of bug fixes as well as new sync settings.

We have made podcast details look similar to the iPod app. It makes it easier for new users while maintaining the ability to skip commercials, download episode and perform other actions.

We went through the code with a fine tooth comb. This is our best version of Podcaster yet. It has the least bugs and runs great.

New sync settings bring with them the ability to download all new episodes and keep all unplayed.

We are sure the new update will make your experience much better.

Get it now in the iTunes app store.

Here are the updates readme text
3.4.2 (Available in app store)
Fixed now playing button bug

Revised UI for the player view

New sync settings for downloading ad keeping new episodes
Better support of headphone remote and lock screen remote
UI display fixes
Improved podcast feed parser
other fixes all around


Your 5-star iTunes ratings and reviews help us a lot and make the updates possible. If you love Podcaster, please leave us a review in the App Store.

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  1. I want to leave a 0-star review. But before I do that, I want to leave some complaints/suggestions. But you're not providing an email address for that. So I spent all the time to find your blog, through all this Podcaster/RSS Reader confusion that I'm still not sure about and you assume I'm leaving 5 stars. Ha!

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  3. Full Decent: We have our email listed at the bottom of our app store description and in the app itself. If you need help, email us support at podcaster dot fm.