Friday, October 2, 2009

Localization of RSSPlayer

What is Localization?
Localization simply means, to translate your application in multiple languages. I believe, (but do not quote me on this) the IPhone supports 22 (or so) languages, and is available in 70 countries, so localization is an important feature to have if you are sharing your application with an international audience. The user can change the to preferred language by going to Settings -> General -> International -> Language. When the language is changed, the iPhone also changes the name of the application.

If you are following @Iphonepodcaster on Twitter, you have already heard that we are asking people for help to translate RSSPlayer. This is the last step before it is submitted to Apple for approval. There have been a few helpful volunteers, (thank you for stepping up so quickly) to help with French, Spanish, Portugese and German. Honestly, the more people that help out, the faster RSSPlayer can be submitted. Oh wait, I think I may have forgotten to mention..Anyone that translates will get a pre-release copy of RSS Player 2.0 to test with.

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