Thursday, June 4, 2009

Does RSSPlayer play podcasts in succession?

The answer is YES!

This question has been coming up for the past few weeks more than ever so I figured it’s time to clear up the exact process.

You must enable this feature (enabled by default) by pressing the loop icon (see image) in the details screen.

RSSPlayer WILL continue to the next podcast until the end of the queue. The queue is created in 1 of 3 ways, automatically, depending on how you navigate the application and begin to play a podcast.

1) You start from the My Favs tab, select a podcast that has 10 items. (Items are ordered newest to oldest). So you select the most current episode, episode 10. At this point, the queue is created and will contain episodes 9 – 1 and they will play in succession one after another until episode 1 is played. Then the app will stop.

2) You start from Agenda tab. The agenda tab IS the queue so any time you select a podcast item and being to play it, RSSPlayer will continue to the next item in the list until it plays the entire agenda list. Remember that the Agenda tab can be sorted and re-ordered any way you like.

3) You start the application and it opens directly to the details screen with the large image and the play button. The queue is created from the Agenda tab (not visible at this time) and RSSPlayer will play from the top most item down. Similarly to scenario 3.

I am always looking to improve this process so if you have any ides or suggestion, please email me and feel free to add this information to the RSSPlayer wiki at


  1. I have a 1st generation ipod touch and the continous play has never worked for me using the Agenda. Is it perhaps a device specific issue?

  2. Shayna, The hardware doesn't matter. I own a 1st gen iPhone and the feature works fine.

  3. I think the problem with the 1st gen iPod touch is if you are using way 3) to start directly into playing a podcast, then the left tab of the agenda is used. What you might want on iPod touch is filling the queue using downloaded podcasts (at least in offline mode).

    Maybe you could add a configuration option if the queue should be populated using the (left) agenda, the downloaded agenda, or dependent on current online/offline status.

    Also, does the agenda remember its sort order if you quit and restart the app? I can't remember right now, but it would be desirable.

    And when I'm already posting feature requests here: OS3.0 adds support for 2x,1x,1/2x speed playing of podcasts. Is the API for this published? If yes, I'd like to see variable speed playing of podcasts in RSSPlayer, too :-)

  4. I bought RSS player and it doesn't appear to work.
    It downloads files and then they vanish. The agenda
    is always empty. Can somebody tell me how to find
    the files. I'm on vacation and have no access to a computer
    so I was relying on this app to feed my podcast fix.
    Unfortunately the builtin iTunes method works much
    better. Now this app and the invisible files it downloads
    are chewing up valuable space. Also Almerica says to
    email with questions, but I can't find an email address. Almerica
    can you help by telling me either how to get this app to work
    or how to get rid of this app and the expanding space it takes up
    on my phone. Sorry if I sound bitter, but I've wasted a lot of time
    and I've apparently paid you on top of it. Ps if your app is
    not 3.0 compliant than that should be the first thing on the blog.

  5. Please reinstall the app. Next update will have backup of your podcast list. THe app IS 3.0 compliant.

  6. I suppose I could google this, but how
    do you reinstall the app without a computer?
    This is the only app I've ever downloaded
    that doesn't work.
    thanks for the reply.

  7. TO uninstall, simply hold the icon until it wiggles and click the x, then browse to the app store and re-download it. That's it.

  8. I also have a 1st gen Ipod Touch and I also cannot get this to work. It stops after playing one and never continues.

  9. Something I've noticed is that when I go to download podcasts if there's a network interruption or I pause the download the app goes into a loop where it downloads the podcast file repeatedly without stopping.

  10. It sure would be nice if the loop feature would only play unplayed items.

    It would also be nice to play things in order from oldest to newest

  11. Looks like the podcast time length is not correctly reported on the My Favs page. It does appear correctly on the Now Playing page though.

  12. When you subscribe to a new podcast but that podcast has been published for a while and you start playing in reverse chronological order (i.e. newest first), once you have played more than 7 or so it suggests that there are no new podcasts - so you can't sync to download the previous ones.

  13. When is the next update planned for. There are plenty of issues and crashes that i would love to see changed.
    I love the app, but every once in a while i get frustrated with it.