Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Subscribing to Password-Protected Feeds

There is a simple url trick that can be used to subscribe to password-protected feeds. I found the direction son http://manila.userland.com/passwordProtectedRss

To subscribe to a password-protected RSS feed in Radio UserLand or NetNewsWire, use the following format for the RSS URL:


For example, if the RSS feed is here:


...and your username/password is me@foo.com, and xYz, then use this URL to subscribe to the feed:


Note that the '@' character in the username must be replaced with %40 (the URL-encoding for the '@' character). This is important for Manila sites, since members use their email addresses as their logins, and email addresses contain '@' characters.

Make sure that when using this URL format, that you replace the '@' character in your email address with %40.

I hope this helps everyone that has been asking for this feature.


  1. hello, thanks for this info! unfortunately it doesn't seem to work with blogspot's protected blogs. anyone might have a solution? (so far google only brings up unanswered posts re: the issue.)

  2. SWEET! It works! Thanks a bunch! Do you think there's anyway you could add this functionality to a future update?

  3. I tried this, but it only seems to work on podcasts a where the actual feed is protected. If the feed is not password-protected, but the audio files are, this does nothing. I'm attempting to find another solution...

  4. Worked for me, too! lots of thanks!

  5. Worked for me, too! Lots of thanks!